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eat healthy food

In the essay by Wendell Berry entitled “The Pleasures of Eating,” we are reminded that “eating is an agricultural act.” Every day each and every one of us participates in this activity – but it is in how we participate that makes all the difference in the health of our bodies, our ecosystems,and our communities.

At Sister Grove Farm, we do not see food as a product. Nor do we consider it to be fuel. Food is all about relationship or even communion – “with those family and friends sharing the meal, with those hands whose skill helped grow and harvest the food, with other creatures and ultimately with our creator.” (1)

If we had to choose a theme song, it might be "Crowded Table" by the Highwomen. Its hard to beat these lyrics....

“Yeah I want a house with a crowded table, And a place by the fire for everyone, The door is always open

Your picture's on my wall, Everyone's a little broken, And everyone belongs, Yeah, everyone belongs”

(1) Schut, Michael. 2009. Food & Faith: Justice, Joy and Daily Bread.              New York: Morehouse Publishing, p. 14.

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