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pasture-raised chicken

What is better than a chicken you can buy at the farmer’s market? A heritage breed bird raised on pasture at Sister Grove Farm.


We have no criticism of farmer’s markets. Quite the contrary. The meat offered by small farmers at the market is humanely and ethically raised. Please support them!  


But you need to know that when Grandma went out to select something special in the barnyard for Sunday dinner, her options were all heritage breed birds. At the market, almost all birds are the fast-growing, short-lived Cornish-Cross which is an unfortunate product of industrial agriculture.


We feel strongly that heritage breeds need to return to their rightful place in the pasture and ultimately on your table. Why? Glad you asked. 


Diversity – this is key to a healthy and resilient food system.  

Healthy animals – they are hardier and require less pampering by the farmer. 

Happy animals – with a normal growth rate, they have full functionality and can enjoy life as a chicken.

Flavorful meat – they may take longer to raise but this leads to increased foraging which results in higher quality meat, deeper flavor, and firmer texture.  

Fun – they are a joy to raise and love it when people come to see them on the farm.  

Van Alstyne, Texas

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