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Grass-fed beef

We started our herd in September 2020 with six cows bought at the South Poll Grass Cattle Association Field Day. Since then we have doubled our numbers and sold some animals too. 


Why South Poll? They thrive on a grass-only diet which is healthier for the cow, for the consumer, and for the climate of our planet. 

Healthier for the cow - Cows do not naturally eat grain—in fact, it makes them ill. When animals are fattened on a heavy-starch grain diet it leads to a fermentation bacteria that sickens the animal and requires antibiotics and hormone treatments in the fattening process.  

Healthier for the consumer - We are what we eat and so it makes sense that food coming from natural systems of animal/plant relationships will result in a nutrient dense diet with more antioxidants, omega-3s, trace minerals, and vitamins.

Healthier for the climate - grazing animals on pasture improves soil health, water cycles, mineral cycles, and carbon sequestration which can help in mitigating climate change. 


They are bred as a 4-way cross between Hereford, Red Angus, Barzona, and Senepol. In addition to doing well on grass, the South Polls have sweet temperments and good mothering instincts. Plus, their mahogany and chestnut coloring makes a pretty picture on the pasture. 

How to get our Beef

Get in touch with the good folks at Prairie Farmstead in Sherman, Texas. The vast majority of our steers are finished and sold through their operation and we can vouch for their ethical, humane, and environmentally conscious practices. 

Van Alstyne, Texas

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