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Raised on our pasture, our freezers have been filled so - Come and get it!


Email us at and order some:

Ground beef @ $10.50/lb

Tenderized cube steaks @ 11.59/lb (perfect for chicken fried steak)

On our pastures you will primarily see South Poll Cattle. These animals are a 4-way cross between Hereford, Red Angus, Barzona, and Senepol. Bred to excel on a grass-based grazing system. Slick-haired in the summer, these medium-framed animals are heat tolerant and known for their efficient conversion of grass to tender beef. They also are desirable for their high fertility, longevity, good mothering instincts, and sweet temperament. Plus, their mahogany and chestnut coloring makes a pretty picture on the pasture. 


But why grass-fed? Because cows (and all of us) thrive on what their bodies are designed to eat. That is grass, not grain. Grassfed/grass finishing is healthier for the cow but also for the consumer and for the climate of our planet. 

Healthier for the cow - Cows do not naturally eat grain—in fact, it makes them ill. When animals are fattened on a heavy-starch grain diet it leads to a fermentation bacteria that sickens the animal and requires antibiotics and hormone treatments in the fattening process.  

Healthier for the consumer - We are what we eat and so it makes sense that food coming from natural systems of animal/plant relationships will result in a nutrient dense diet with more antioxidants, omega-3s, trace minerals, and vitamins.

Healthier for the climate - grazing animals on pasture improves soil health, water cycles, mineral cycles, and carbon sequestration which can help in mitigating climate change. 


Van Alstyne, Texas

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