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Musicians say that it is not the notes but the pauses between the notes that make music. Without pauses, full stops, or changes in tempo could we even call it music? I think it would be just noise, don't you? That is kind of how our non-stop lives can be sometimes too, even on the farm.

A composer knows the need for punctuation. It is necessary in order to allow for the expression of meaning, beauty, and rhythm. The truth is, we are rhythmic beings - as are the animals - and the land...rhythms and cycles - working and creating - punctuated by resting and delighting.

The first thing that is named “holy” in the Bible is rest. Sabbath rest. It can be a day of the week or a moment in a day. But it is a time set apart. It is a time that completes the creation of the universe according to Genesis 1:1 - 2:4a.

Sabbath is a time when even God catches her breath, steps back and looks over all that is good and very good, delights in it all, and then cannot resist the chance to get back out there. We are made in the image (to be a reflection) of this God.

On the farm, there is always work to be done. It is never-ending but it is not monotonous. Neither the land nor the animals or the farmer punch a clock or really even take time "off." But we do pause on occasion and give thanks - delighting in the symphony all around us.

As I look out on the foggy pasture this morning, I see the newly shorn sheep. Relieved of their heavy wool coat, they are ready for the summer.

One is now walking down the hill - to the grove of bois d'arc trees where the prayer labyrinth is. Others are following because that is what sheep do.

How will you Sabbath today?

As regenerative practices are healing the land, we are restored as well.

Come see us!

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