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lamb for easter- order by 3/14

Whether you grew up like we did with leg of lamb and mint jelly for your Easter feast, lamb is definitely a traditional spring offering to the table. We are a small operation so our supply will go fast. Contact and put in your now before our processing date of next week (see prices below).

The breed of sheep we raise are Hampshire. As their name suggests, they originated from the agricultural county of Hampshire in Southern England. True to their heritage and needs of the animal, our grass fed/grass finished lamb spends its entire life grazing pastures on the farm.

As a result, they play an important role in our multi-species, holistic grazing program - always with frequent moves to allow the land to rest and regenerate. This results in a healthy diet for them and for you.

All of our livestock are ethically and humanely raised without the use of antibiotics, steroids, or added growth hormones.

And then there is the flavor! Hampshire lamb is renowned for its superb quality and high level of

fat and marbling which gives a succulence and delicate sweet flavor. Many top-class restaurants

and butchers know to choose Hampshire sired lamb as a mark of quality.

Our chosen processor is Fischer’s Meat Market in Muenster, Texas. They are a third-generation

family business with old-fashioned know-how (all of their meat is still hand-trimmed) and they

are willing to work with us on serving your needs.

Deadline for pre-orders is Tuesday March 14 – first come, first serve.

Email and put your order in now.


One Whole Lamb (in cuts) – Here is your chance to fill your freezer with lamb at a discount! It should be about 40 pounds of meat and might take as much as 1.5 cubic feet of storage space in your freezer (it's not a cow!). The cost is $550 which works out to roughly $13.75/pound.

  • A typical box of cuts from one whole lamb might look like:

  • 1 whole shoulder (bone in)

  • 1 whole leg (bone in)

  • 2 rack of lamb (frenched)

  • 2-4 packs 2” lamb chops (2 per pack)

  • 7-10 packs of ground lamb (1lb each)

  • 5-7 packs of lamb stew

  • 2 hind shanks

If you don't want cuts, how about a Ground Lamb Box - Stock up on our grass fed/finished ground lamb and save! Offered in 1 lb packs, you can get a five-pound box at $15/pound for $75 or a ten-pound box for $150.

Or maybe even a Stew Box - Perfect for soup or stew, this box contains 1 lb packages of our grass fed lamb stew meat. At $15/pound, get a 5 pound box for $75.

Email and put your order in now.

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