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madre Tierra

Mother of us all,

the source

from which we come -

You are


It is through God’s breath

and the pains of your labor,

that life is even possible;

that food, shelter, and clothing

even exist

for my family.

You provide for us and nurture us all.

It is your nature,

It is who you are.

You know no other way.

We like to think you care.

Maybe you do,

but also - maybe - there is an indifference

within you

to all of it and all of us.

I don’t know...

But even so,

We are grateful for your gifts

Your steady, faithful offerings,

Your birthings

through all cycles and seasons.

These gifts, however,

Of food, shelter, and clothing

come only to us through the labor

of one who pays attention to you

And walks alongside you

like a midwife.

The farmer

Is one who partners with you

and with God,

Is one who marvels at the fertilities and possibilities,

the economies of relationships, memberships, and communions

that your abundance invites us into.

With God’s help

And the labor of the farmer

We know you as our beloved Mother.

Happy madre’s Day, dear Tierra.

(Sarah Macias)

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